Hope and Healing: 6-week Online Retreat

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6 weeks, meeting once a week


  • course materials,
  • small group sessions,
  • and availability to contact me through email

Would you love to feel more confident about your purpose in life?

Most people let emotional and spiritual baggage run their lives. They “feed on” negative thoughts about themselves – and deep down, about God too.

But you are free to choose a better way.

In this extended retreat, I’ll guide you into a deeper understanding of your identity in God, so you can align your life with His will for you.

We’ll highlight the truths that God speaks about you in Scripture. (Yes, you!) You’ll discover new things about yourself, especially any false beliefs that hold you back from the joy God wants for you. And you’ll do it all with the help of myself, others’ personal testimonies, and practical exercises I’ve been using for years.

We’re going to cover A LOT of ground. It’ll be amazing!

We’ll meet once a week on Thursday for six weeks on Zoom. Each session will last between an hour and an hour and a half.

Imagine yourself with a new sense of grace, stronger to withstand life’s challenges and fulfill your purpose with God! You’ll have a safe, supportive environment to explore your identity, encounter God’s love, and cultivate a deeper relationship with Him.  

Overview and schedule:

October 12: Introduction

  • Discover a deeper concept of your identity.

October 19: Who is God?

  • Explore the concept of the Trinity.
  • Identify any misconceptions about God.
  • Examine why you stray from God.

October 26: Who Am I?

  • Explore your true worth in God's eyes.
  • Discover how to live with a strong sense of self.
  • Prayer exercise: reflect on your “Creation Story.”

November 2: Living God's View of Me

  • Identify the negative self-perceptions holding you back.
  • See whether you feel chosen or driven in life.
  • Prayer exercise: Turn lies into truth! 

November 9: How to Hear God's Voice

  • Explore the process of hearing God's voice.
  • Learn the different qualities of God's voice and how to discern them.
  • Prayer exercise: practice and reflection.

November 16: Flowing in Your Giftings with the Holy Spirit

  • Discover your unique missions and giftings to fulfill your purpose.
  • Reflect on the concept of living your mission.
  • Address the obstacles to living out your mission.

This is a great way to make progress on your healing journey or start with a more personal approach.

Once you register, I’ll send you an email with more information. Then I’ll send you the Zoom link when our first session gets closer.

$99.00 USD