Healing 101 Course

This DIY retreat guides you through the first steps in healing. 

Like the hundreds of people I've worked with, you can free yourself from inner pain, break unhealthy attachments, and receive the peace God desires for you.

Each day I'll give you a reflection and an exercise. You'll also get a downloadable journal to follow along with. I encourage you to keep up with each day's exercise. You only need a few minutes, or you can spend as much time as you want. 

There's no cost to watch. We invite you to add a donation at checkout, but you're free to choose. Thank you!

So, are you ready to heal? Start today.


No one’s life should feel like a prison.

With your support, we can help men and women who’ve spent years chained by lies about themselves and their pasts. The result? Healed people with stronger families, stronger relationships, and stronger faith.

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