7 Days to Peace Course

If you've been feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or like you’re carrying a weight around… I understand.

One thing I’ve learned from years of working with people is, we all want peace, but we look for it in the wrong places.

In this personal retreat, I’ll show you how to receive true peace from God. Each day for seven days, you’ll watch a short video and then (totally optional) do a follow-up “peace assignment” for a few minutes.

You’ll reflect on:

  • What happens when God doesn’t “live up” to your expectations.
  • The lie that you need to get your whole life together, all the time.
  • How to break out of the comparison game.

At the end, you’ll have new insights about yourself and about God, so you can turn to them when you’re tempted to lose your peace.

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Are you ready for peace in your life? Start today.


No one’s life should feel like a prison.

With your support, we can help men and women who’ve spent years chained by lies about themselves and their pasts. The result? Healed people with stronger families, stronger relationships, and stronger faith.

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