Hi, I’m Melissa, executive director of Resurrected Life.


This ministry began with a painful event: my dad’s heart attack.

After years of drinking, he died when I was 41. That’s when I realized the power of the childhood pain I’d carried for decades.

On the surface, my life seemed fine. But I would get super anxious out of nowhere. Deep down, I feared being abandoned by the people in my life. I started asking, “Why?” And I kept coming back to my childhood.

Thankfully, God used incredible people to lead me through the healing journey. They taught me how healing works, and how to teach it to others. 

Like me, you can’t change what happened in your past. But with God, you can change how you live now.

To help you do that, I’ve brought together a wonderful healing prayer team. Each of us has years of experience, so you can relax knowing you’re in safe company.

Count on my prayers for you!
God bless,
Melissa Foley

(I give talks and retreats! Click here to book me.)


Melissa Foley


Melissa has trained in six distinct methods of healing prayer and is certified in Exorcism and Liberation Prayer from Regina Apostolorum in Rome. She has appeared on Catholic media including Our Sunday Visitor and EWTN. She also serves as a regular host and speaker for the Women's and Healing Virtual Catholic Conferences.

Janine Rezabeck


As a wife and mom to four boys, Janine is a pro at multitasking, organization, and relationships. On top of that, she inspires participants at our Be Loved Retreats with her witness of faith. She also serves as a prayer leader and small group leader with Unbound Ministries.

Dr. Deb Bauer


Deb loves bringing the young and old to know Christ. She earned a Ph.D. in Education from Capella University, an MA in Theology and Christian Ministry with a specialization in Catechetics from Franciscan University of Steubenville, and her BS in School Health Education from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Anne Blem


Anne is our retreat assistant, and weā€™re grateful for her organizational and people skills! If you want to bring a Be Loved Retreat to your parish, sheā€™ll help you plan the event, set it up, and keep it running smoothly. Not only is she a seasoned retreat leader, sheā€™s a seasoned IT professional.

Martha Matia


Martha is a certified spiritual director who focuses on healing trauma and other deep wounds. You will find in Maria a gentle guide who honors your unique spiritual path, helps you find forgiveness, and deepens your understanding of God’s presence in your life. (She's also fluent in Spanish!)

Stephen Day


Stephen has seen the transformative power of prayer up close! Heā€™s spent years working in ministries from the John Paul II Healing Institute, Lifeteen, Christ Renews His Parish, and many more. Youā€™ll appreciate his compassionate approach to your search for healing, freedom, and a closer walk with the Lord.

FB Smit


FB Smit is a Catechist and a blogger for Catholic publications. All in one lifetime, she moved to a new country, changed languages, flipped her career, and replaced paganism with Catholicism. She writes about these transformations and more.

Joann Oā€™Neil


With strategic thinking and a keen eye for details, Joann brings understanding to a deeper level, providing long-term stability, clarity, and peace to all she touches. She connects the dots. She's a mother of 7, a certified Strengths Activation Coach, a Spiritual Director, and a Communications Consultant.

Kathleen Almon


Kathleen Almon is a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi. She has degrees in Education and Religious Studies and certification in Spiritual Direction, Theology of the Body, Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, and the 19th Annotation.

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We are looking for volunteers who feel called to the inner healing ministry. We will be conducting training and equipping you with tools for inner healing. For more information, contact Melissa at [email protected].