Always Enough

One of my best friends called this week to tell me about an amazing God-incident that happened to her. She’s really struggling right now in her life with one of her grown children going off the rails. Many of us have these difficult circumstances in our own lives. So, she did what we do when things get tough, she went to daily Mass to continue to beg Our Lord for His help.

She arrived late to Mass and sat in the very back of the church. The Gospel was the multiplication of the loaves, where Jesus shows His power in abundance to those 5,000 seated in the grass. Because she was sitting in the back, my friend was the last person in line for communion.

As she approached the priest to receive the host, she glanced down to notice that there was only one host left in the ciborium. It wasn’t until she was halfway back to her chair that she realized what just happened. He only had one host left. The priest wasn’t nervous about the diminishing host, he wasn’t breaking the hosts in half just to be sure he’d have enough for everyone. There was only one full host left.

Before she made it back to her seat, Jesus spoke to her softly, “I knew you were coming. I always have just enough for you. I am enough for you.”

When I heard those words initially and now read them again, my soul reacts with a deepening in love for Him. My faith is quickened. My joy increases.

What happens in you?