Jesus' Rocking Chair

Grab your tissues. I’m about to tell you a heart-melting story about the love of Jesus.

During the Be Loved Retreat, we had a contemplation of the “Day God Created You”. The prayer time was over, and I asked if anyone would like to share her story. One woman spoke up with a smile and gifted us with her experience.

“At the beginning of the contemplation, I saw a piece of wood. I was surprised to see that, but it faded away. Then I saw myself as a baby in a wooden cradle. God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit were peering over the edge of the crib and smiling at me, talking to each other about how excited they are to have me, how wonderful I am, and how much they love me. They called over some angels and even my guardian angel. They also gazed in amazement at my beauty.

Then, I remembered that Jesus was a carpenter. I glance over to see him take the wood pieces. He made a rocking chair so he could pick me up and rock me in His arms.”

*eyes are filling with tears of overwhelming joy and peace.

I thought you’d like that one.

He wants to tell you your story, too!